Dark Sky in Weather Master

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Weather Master is one of the easiest weather plugins to install and use. It integrates well into most themes whose sidebar widget area is active. Once installed, the Weather Master widget will ask you within which location you would like it displayed. Next, it will ask you a few well explained questions to define the data. After saving the changes, the feed is live.


Typography – Font and Typeface Classification

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Anatomy of a Typeface

I am a self professed typophile and as such, a bit of a font squirrel. For every font I want to use in a project , I download more than I need. It’s too easy with so many great sites to browse, each with so many great looking (and some not so great looking) fonts. I have a hard time discarding the ones I acquire and my only justification to my collection is organization. To catalogue my library I use various tools: Implements of organization based on knowledge and classification. In this post, I want to share some of the information I find useful in sorting and classifying my font library.