About this Site

At its core, Surfing-Chef.com is a blog and repository specific to my professional and recreational interests – a place that exists between the vast network of URLs and my bookmarks tab.   Maybe you’ll find something here that aligns with your interests.  Perhaps you can help Surfing-Chef grow its archives of information with insights, links or opinions. Regardless of anything else, it was nice of you to have visited.

I have developed the Bourbon-WP WordPress theme that is Surfing-Chef.com using design and development skills and techniques I have learned through various tutorials, websites and reference guides, mostly of the www-info-dot-com variety.  My hope is that it will generate some comments or feedback that will help me and this site’s viewers grow as designers and developers. Perhaps there will be suggestions – given or received – regarding trails to ride, lakes to paddle or breaks to surf.  Regardless of anything else, it was nice of you to have visited.

About Me

I have been in the food and beverage industry for over 25 years – from dishwasher to chef to food and beverage manager.  I have also been a web design and development enthusiast for about 20 years, a bit more inquisitive about the development side of things.  Running restaurants is my career but I likely spend as much time online or on a keyboard as I do in a kitchen or behind a bar.  BE IT KNOWN THOUGH:  if the swell is up, or my paddle beckons, I’m going to be in the water!


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