The Tragically Hip – The Farewell Concert

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Emotional – the first word that comes to mind as I replay the concert in my head.  I teared up before the band was even on stage.  The set list offered not only an amazing selection of Canadian poetry, but an opportunity to relive various parts of my life through memories that the songs evoked.

The moment I felt most connected tonight was the closing of the last song, second encore, “Grace, Too”.  It felt like Gordon was screaming at the end of not just a song, or a concert, but of an era.  Were those yells just part of the lyrics?  Maybe, but only an entertainer like Gordon Downey can put on a show with his band, and for just a minute or two, invite me into his world.  Share with me visually and vocally, how he might be feeling.  I can’t believe it’s over either Mr. Downey.

Thank you.


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