West Kootenay Rail Trail

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Rail Trail Summit Lake, B.C.

Finally had a chance to go for a bike ride – between work and paddling, my two-wheeled friend has been all but neglected.  The Nakusp and Slocan Railway used to run from Nakusp, B.C.  to Sandon, B.C.  The trail follows the same route – some good on a bike, some not so much.

I choose to ride from the west end of Box Lake, just out of Nakusp, to the east end of Summit Lake.  A farm in the middle of the trail was a bit of a downer.  I knew it was there but thought the trail went around it, not through it. There is a way around it that requires a bit of highway time.

The eastern end of the trail is the toad migration.  Although the trail was again impassable, it was pretty cool watching the trail covered with so many tiny toads.

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