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Anatomy of a Typeface

Typophiles and font squirrels unite!  For every new font used in a project, there exists a slight potential that more may be downloaded than required.  It’s too easy with so many great sites to browse, each with so many fantastic (and some not so fantastic) fonts.  Sifting through the spoils can be a chore,  justified only by organization.  Cataloging a font library requires various tools:  Implements of organization based on knowledge and classification.  This post shares some great information useful in sorting and classifying typefaces and fonts.

Vox-ATypI Classification System

Lisa Garner created this poster to make classification easier.  Wikipedia breaks down the Vox-ATypI Classification System thoroughly.

Vox ATypI Type Classification System


Thinking with Type

On this website, Ellen Lupton has abridged some great typography information based on her book, Thinking with Type.  She takes a reader beyond just letters and typefaces.

Thinking with Type

Fontology – A Typographic Foundation

The Fonts.com store from Monotype is much more than just a store.  Their blog and other content include a ton of helpful information.

A Typographic Foundation

Typographic Terms: Illustrated

To be able to classify a font library, it’s good to know a few things about what it is we’re organizing.  Canva does a great job illustrating the key concepts in simple and graphic way.  Clean, clear and concise.  A great start to familiarize oneself with some basic and not so basic terms related to typography.

Glossary of Typographic Terms

Type Classification and Design History

A brief overview of type classification and history of design from Design is History.

Table of Typefaces


The Basics of Type

Noupe has put together a great summation of the basics of typography.  This link covers anatomy and classification of a typeface to mood and weight.

Typography Basics

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