Wine Varietals Everyone Should Know

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I was recently researching food pairings for a wine menu.  I thought I’d share some of the links.  This list is a work in progress, hope it helps.  Please add comments and any other helpful links below.  


Light-Bodied Red Wine

Pinot NoirAbout  |  About  |  Pairing  |  50th Parallel Estate  |  Mission Hill Wineries


Medium-Bodied Red Wine

GrenacheAbout  |  About  |  Pairing

Sangiovese:  About  |  Pairing

MerlotAbout  |  Pairing

Zinfandel:  About  |  Pairing


Full-Bodied Red Wine

Syrah/ShirazAbout  |  Pairing

Cabernet SauvignonAbout  |  Pairing

MalbecAbout  |  Pairing


Light-Bodied White Wine

Pinot Gris (aka Pinot Grigio)About  |  Pairing

Sauvignon BlancAbout  |  Pairing


Full-Bodied White Wine

ChardonnayAbout  |  Pairing

ViognierAbout  |  Pairing


Aromatic (sweet) White Wine

GewürztraminerAbout  |  Pairing

RieslingAbout  |  Pairing


Sparkling Wine

Sparkling WineAbout  |  Pairing

ChampagneAbout  |  Pairing

ProseccoAbout  |  Pairing


Rosé Wine

Rosé WineAboutPairing


Dessert Wine

PortAbout  |  Pairing

Ice Wine:   About  |  Pairing



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